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CMS-XML Rejecting Fax Reception MX522
CMS-XML Receiving Faxes
CMS-XML Sending Faxes
CMS-XML Problems Receiving Faxes
CMS-XML Test Fax # - Canon Fax Machines and Office All-In-Ones
CMS-XML Sending from an MX522 using a calling (credit) card
A calling (or credit) card can be used when sending faxes locally, long distance or even overseas. Please see the back of the card for instructions on the exact dialing sequence. For instance, dial the toll free number provided by the vendor just as you would to make a regular phone call. If you are prompted to enter the calling card, do so - as you normally would. If a PIN (access code) has to be entered before the fax number is dialed, do so. Tips to help you send a fax using a calling (credit) card.
CMS-XML Fax Quick Tips - MX522
To assist you in finding an answer to your inquiry, some of our most referred-to articles have been categorized in this document. When you find an article that closely matches your inquiry, click on it to open it. Once basic setup has been completed, further tips can be found below. Tips on setting up your fax machine The following articles will help you connect the fax to your phone line, program the date and time the fax name and phone number as well as selecting the right receive mode.
CMS-XML Setting Up the FAX
CMS-XML Set Check RX FAX information to OFF - MX522
CMS-XML Sending a Fax Using the Speed Dialing Feature MX522
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