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CMS-XML Configure the Silex C-6700WG Print Server Through a Wireless LAN
Configure Through a Wireless LAN ... method, the wireless settings on the ... Verify the Wireless LED(Green ... Click Wireless CX Wireless Setup screen is ... ... to change the wireless settings on the ... If the wireless settings on the ... change the PC wireless settings to match ... Verify the wireless settings on the ... ... automatically changed the wireless settings on the ... ... this does not help , refer to ... Wireless Mode Select Infrastructure ... Wireless Mode Select AdHoc ... << If you did not change the wireless settings on the PC manually >> ... << If you changed the wireless settings on the PC manually >> ... Reset the wireless settings on the PC to match your network environment.
CMS-XML Fax Quick Tips - MP530
This article lists a general outline of top fax categories with links to articles that will assist you with detailed instructions to resolve the most common issues
CMS-XML Remove AMD USB Audio Driver Filter if installed
Confirm AMD USB Audio Driver Filter is installed and refer to your computer manfacturer's website for assistance .
CMS-XML CD Printing is not supported
Globally, Canon is comprised of many different sales divisions. Each sales division makes their own business decisions as to the products and features they feel will help them achieve their goals and best suit their market. Canon USA has made the decision not to include the CDR/DVD printing feature on printers sold in this market
CMS-XML Computer will not boot with device connected via USB
Turn off USB Emulation (legacy support) in the computer's BIOS Due to differences in the BIOS setups among different manufacturers and versions, please refer to the computer's documentation or technical support for assistance in checking and changing this setting.
CMS-XML Delete temporary files / unneeded files or programs - Windows
The Disk Cleanup tool helps free up space on the computer's hard disk by searching for files that can be safely deleted. Some or all files can be deleted. Use Disk Cleanup to perform any of the following tasks to free up space on the computer's hard disk.
CMS-XML Error: Printer Not Responding / Off-line (Configure to Correct Port) - Windows
If the printer doesn't respond to a print command or is off-line, the printer driver port may not be correctly configured. For example, if your printer is connected via USB but the port is configured to send print commands wirelessly, you would not be able to print. The steps below may help resolve the issue.
CMS-XML Press the Stop/Reset to clear the error (1700)
Waste ink absorber error 1700 If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML How to Print Using Only the Black Ink for Windows
Open the Properties / Preferences window from the Print dialog box. If you need help with this, refer to:
CMS-XML How to resolve error 5100 on an MP530
There are several reasons for error 5100 to appear. This article provides you recommendations with links to clear the message. The printer needs to be reset printer will need to be repaired If the above recommendations do not help you resolve the error, the .
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