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CMS-XML Replacing the Ink Tank( s ) - LX-P1300 / LX-D1300
CMS-XML Mk2600PC - Menu Bar
File menu Opens another file and adds the data to the data you are editing. Save ( S Saves the data you are editing in an existing file.
CMS-XML Enter / Edit Text and Symbols - MK3000
How to Use the Cursor Enter [Shift]+[R], [E], [ S ], [7], [-], and [1] in this order. When entering capital letters, hold down [Shift] and press the desired key. If you make a mistake, use the [Back Space] key to delete the character, and then enter the correct character.
CMS-XML Printing Text with Sequential Numbers (Serial Printing) - Mk1500
Generating sequential characters (serial printing) Printing of multiple pages When a blank page( s ) is created after deletion of characters on an entire page in the input data comprising multiple pages, the page( s ) is fed idly (with blank page( s ) printed).