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CMS-XML Replacing the Ink Tank(s) - LX-P1300 / LX-D1300
Replacing the Ink Tank When removing the protective cap, be sure to hold the ink tank as illustrated to avoid getting ink on your fingers. Dispose the removed protective cap according to local regulations. IMPORTANT:
CMS-XML Mk2600PC - Menu Bar
File menu Opens another file and adds the data to the data you are editing. Save ( S Saves the data you are editing in an existing file.
CMS-XML Enter / Edit Text and Symbols - MK3000
How to Use the Cursor Enter [Shift]+[R], [E], [ S ], [7], [-], and [1] in this order. When entering capital letters, hold down [Shift] and press the desired key. If you make a mistake, use the [Back Space] key to delete the character, and then enter the correct character.
CMS-XML Printing Text with Sequential Numbers (Serial Printing) - Mk1500
Generating sequential characters (serial printing) Printing of multiple pages When a blank page( s ) is created after deletion of characters on an entire page in the input data comprising multiple pages, the page( s ) is fed idly (with blank page( s ) printed).