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CMS-XML Support Code 5100 is Displayed - G6020
What to Do If you are printing, press the printer ' s Stop button to cancel printing, then turn off the printer
CMS-XML Support Code 2700 Appears - G6020
What to Do Press the printer ' s OK button to cancel the error and try copying again.
CMS-XML Transporting the Printer - G6020
Repairing Your Printer Make sure the tank cap s of ink tank s are closed securely.
CMS-XML How to Print the Network Settings - G6020
to print the printer ' s current network settings. The network settings printout contains important information about your network.
CMS-XML Reset the Ink Level Counter - G5020 / G6020 / G7020
, or , and the printer indicates that the ink for a given color is empty, follow these steps to reset the ink level counter( s ) for the applicable color( s ). With the printer powered on, press the Setup
CMS-XML Support Code 1641 Appears - G5020 / G6020 / G7020
What to Do To check the remaining ink level, visually inspect the remaining ink in the ink tank. The action you should take to resume operating the printer depends upon which function( s ) of the printer you intend to use.
CMS-XML Printing ID Photos with Easy-PhotoPrint Editor - Windows
Printing ID Photos The view switches to the Select the photo( s ) you want to use for item. Note
CMS-XML Canon PRINT (Windows) - Main Screen
After selecting Agree for the section( s ) you agree with, click OK The main screen will appear.
CMS-XML Reseat / Replace the Print Head - G6020
Reseat / Replace the Print Head If the print quality is not improved even after maintenance such as cleaning, replace a print head For some errors, you may be able to reseat (remove and reinsert) the print head( s ) you're currently using rather than replacing them.
CMS-XML Set up the Wireless Connection using the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY Android app - G6020
Wireless Setup S tart the Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY application on your Android device *If you don't have the app, download it from Google Play
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