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CMS-XML Printing a Disc Label with Canon PRINT / Inkjet / SELPHY (iOS / Android)
You can print a disc label using Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY . You must have Easy-PhotoPrint Editor installed on your iOS or Android device to do this. This function is supported on the PIXMA TS702, TS8020, TS8120, TS8220 / TS8222, TS8320 / TS8322, TS9020, TS9120, TS9520. Earlier models that support disc printing may not work properly with this function.
TS8020 TS8120 TS8200 Series TS8300 Series
CMS-XML Message in Print app - Compatible Models
Message in Print Compatible Models 495 MP560 MP640 MP990 MX340 MX350 MX410 MX420 MX432 MX439 MX452 MX459 MX472 MX479 MX479 MX490 MX492 MX512 MX522 MX532 MX712 MX722 MX870 MX882 MX892 MX922 TR4520 TR7520 TR8520 TS302 TS3120 TS5120 TS6020 TS6120 TS6220 TS8120 TS8220 TS9120 TS9520 TS9521C
CMS-XML Models Supporting Disc Label Printing in Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
TS8120 TS8220 TS8222
CMS-XML PosterArtist Online Printer Compatibility
CMS-XML List of AirPrint Compatible Printers
PIXMA TS TS202* TS302 TS702 TS702a TS312x TS332x TS352x TS5020 TS5120 TS5320 TS6020 TS6120 TS6220 TS6320 TS6420 TS6420a TS8020 TS8120 TS8220 TS8222 TS8320 TS8322 TS9020 TS9120 TS952x SELPHY
CMS-XML Where are the Mac Drivers for my Printer / Scanner?
TS8120 TS8220 TS8222
CMS-XML PIXMA / MAXIFY Printer Models with Native Chrome OS Printing Support
TS8120 TS8220 TS8222
CMS-XML Information on Message in Print
Supported Models MX922 TS8220 MG6420
CMS-XML Find the page yield per ink tank for your Canon inkjet printer
Page yields by printer type and model TS6320 TS8220 TS9500 Series
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