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CMS-XML Support Code 2802 Appears - GX4020
What to Do on the printer ' s touch screen to cancel the error and operate again after loading documents in the ADF
CMS-XML Register the Printer's Root Certificate to a Web Browser for SSL Communication (Remote UI) - GX4020
If the printer ' s root certificate has not been registered to the web browser, a message to warn you that the secure connection is not guaranteed may appear. When you display Remote UI
CMS-XML Paper Jams While Printing Business Cards - GX4020
Check the printer ' s touch screen and take the appropriate action for the error.
CMS-XML Remove Jammed Paper Inside the Printer - GX4020
cannot be turned off while it is sending or receiving a fax, or when the received fax or the unsent fax is stored in the printer ' s memory. Make sure that all faxes have been sent and received, press the printer
CMS-XML Memory Reception - GX4020
When the faxes are stored in the printer ' s memory, the FAX Memory lamp is lit or flashes.
CMS-XML Set a Mail Server - GX4020
If you did not specify the time zone setting using the printer ' s operation panel , a message to inform you that the correct time may not be reflected on the sent e-mail appears.
CMS-XML Prepare the Printer for Transport - GX4020
You cannot take ink out of ink tank s . Make sure the tank cap
CMS-XML Paper Jams - GX4020
Press the printer ' s Stop button.
CMS-XML Crop and Print Images With the Canon PRINT App (ChromeOS)
Use the crop feature and print a photo Open the Canon PRINT application and select Photo Print Select the image( s ) you want to print, then tap Next When the image displays, select the Crop
CMS-XML Support Code 1876 Appears - GX4020
What to Do , and then follow the messages displayed on the printer ' s touch screen Align the paper guides
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