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CMS-XML Using as a portable battery Rayo S1
CMS-XML Installing Remote Control Batteries REALis 4K6020Z / 4K5020Z
CMS-XML Replace the remote control battery for the SX7 / SX6 / SX60 / X700
CMS-XML How to Set RS-232C Settings on the WUX10
While the WUX10 does have an RS-232 connection and codes as you mentioned, CITS does not assist in the use of them.
CMS-XML Technical Specifications
Warranty card AC Power Cord Remote controller and Batteries VGA Cable
CMS-XML Here are some common troubleshooting tips for the LV-X2
Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance , check the following: 1. Make sure you have connected a projector to your computer or video equipment as described in the section "CONNECTING THE PROJECTOR"
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Rayo S1
Check the battery level. When you cannot connect to a wireless network Check the Wi-Fi environment.
CMS-XML Here is a list of the Parts and controls - nomenclature for the SX-80 Remote Control
Installing Remote Control Batteries If buttons on the remote control are inoperative when you attempt to operate the projector, replace the batteries with new ones. It is recommended to check the batteries before a presentation.
CMS-XML Projector Features Rayo S1
Bluetooth speaker function You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker and since it has a microphone function, it can be used as a mic/speaker for audio conferences. Sub battery functions
CMS-XML Using the remote control for the first time LX-HM502Z
Pull the tab before using the remote control. Replacing the remote control battery 1. Pull out the battery holder.
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