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Canon REALiS, LX and LV-Series projectors are engineered to meet the exacting requirements of professionals who accept nothing but the best. Models are available in a variety of sizes, display technologies, resolutions, throw ratios and light sources, but at the core all share advanced optical and image processing technologies that help deliver outstanding image quality and performance.
CMS-XML How to Set RS-232C Settings on the WUX10
While the WUX10 does have an RS-232 connection and codes as you mentioned, CITS does not assist in the use of them.
CMS-XML Here are some common troubleshooting tips for the LV-X2
Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance , check the following: 1. Make sure you have connected a projector to your computer or video equipment as described in the section "CONNECTING THE PROJECTOR"
CMS-XML Menu System settings WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800
Menu screen when the input signal is HDMI Menus that are not available are grayed out or hidden. User screen settings Capture a logo and specify logo display settings. Logo capture Registers the current image as a user logo. Registered user logos can be shown when no signal is received, when the BLANK button is pressed, or as the startup image. Only images at an aspect ratio of 16:10 can be registered as user logos. Logo position Specify the position of registered user logos. You can specify the position after a logo has been registered. Choose from upper left, upper right, center, lower left, or lower right. No signal screen Customize the screen shown when no input signals are received. Screen when blank Select the screen shown when projection is temporarily blanked out by pressing the BLANK button on the remote control. Projector on Select a logo to project after startup until input signals can be projected. On screen Specify display details for on-screen menus, help , and warning or precaution icons. Menu position Reposition menu display. Choose from upper left, upper right, center, lower left, or lower right. Only [Center] is available when edge blending is used. Other display positions are grayed out and not available. Menu display time Extend menu display from the standard 10 or 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The following display times are also changed. Guide Shows the guide screen.
CMS-XML Power Management mode
image appears and the countdown begins. After the countdown, the lamp will be off. This function helps to save power consumption and extend the lamp life.
CMS-XML IVIDEO Input - mage Mode Selection
This mode helps enhance the image projected on a blackboard. This is mainly effective on a green colored board, not truly effective on a black colored board.
CMS-XML Layout of the projector LX-HM502Z
so as to make allowance for this projector's optical characteristics. This will help you determine the exact mounting position so that it best suits your installation location.
CMS-XML Hazard Distance When Equipped with a Replacement Lens (IEC 62471-5) WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z
• For assistance when disposing of the projector, contact the Canon Customer Support Center. Do not disassemble the projector yourself when disposing of it.
CMS-XML Application (My App) Rayo S1
The Document Viewer can be used to view Office documents. For more about how to use it, see Help in the application or visit the website (