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CMS-XML Using as a portable battery Rayo S1
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Rayo S1
Check the battery level. When you cannot connect to a wireless network Check the Wi-Fi environment.
CMS-XML Projector Features Rayo S1
Bluetooth speaker function You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker and since it has a microphone function, it can be used as a mic/speaker for audio conferences. Sub battery functions
CMS-XML Charging functions Rayo S1
If you charge the product using a publically available portable battery , make sure to check whether the rated output fits the projector specification before use. (Projector spec: 5V/2A) If you use a charger with a rated output lower than the required specification, it can cause the main unit to malfunction.
CMS-XML Symbols and Meanings on the Home Screen Rayo S1
Displays the device status icon, date, and time. Remaining battery display Indicates that Wi-Fi is turned on but not connected to the Internet.
CMS-XML Rayo S1 Mini Projector Specifications
Product Specification 2.4A Dimension Size (WxDxH) 4.1 x 4.1 x 0.8 inches Weight 0.52 lb Environment Operating termperature 32~104°F Operating humidity (relative) 0~80% (No dew condensation) Battery capacity Capacity 14.06Wh (3.7V, 3,800mAh) Charging time Max 4 hours Usage time Max 2 hours Frequency range WLAN 2412 MHz ~ 2472 MHz (20 dBm) / 5180 MHz ~ 5240 MHz (23 dBm) / 5745 MHz ~
CMS-XML Using the Browser Rayo S1
Note Turn off the Wi-Fi function when not in use (to prevent battery drain) 1. Click the "Setting" icon on the Home screen, select Wi-Fi from the Setting screen, and press the switch to enable the feature.
CMS-XML Using the projector as a portable disk Rayo S1
Updates requires a minimum of 30% battery level, so make sure to connect to an authentic charger (DC 5V/2A) to successfully run an update. 1. Turn on the device in Projector mode. Note