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CMS-XML Controls and functions Projector & Remote control LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Using the remote control for the first time LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Items that Ship with the Projector LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Projector exterior view LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Menu operation (menus vary according to the signal type selected) LX-MH502Z
CMS-XML Controlling the projector using PJLink application LX-MH502Z
CMS-XML Adjusting the projected image Adjusting the projection angle LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Auto-adjusting the image LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Positioning your projector Choosing a location LX-HM502Z
CMS-XML Layout of the projector LX-HM502Z
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