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CMS-XML Why are some of the driver settings grayed out on my DR-G2xx0 Series Scanner?
O X Black and White O X O O O O O Error Diffusion O X O X O O O Advanced Text Enhancement O X X O O O O Advanced Text Enhancement II X X X O O O O Active Threshold X X X O O O O 256-level Gray O O O X X O X 24-bit Color O O O X X O X
CMS-XML Specifications (P-215)
to 1.4 mm (0.055") for embossed cards Document Feeding Method Automatic Scanning Sensor Contact Image Sensor Light Source LED Scanning Side Simplex/Duplex Scanning Modes Black and White, Error Diffusion, 256-level Grayscale, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 24-bit Color Scanning Resolution 150 x 150dpi/200 x 200dpi/300 x 300dpi/400 x 400dpi
CMS-XML Error "Scanner not found" when using CaptureOnTouch
Restore the registry Double click on "RepairReg.exe", which is stored in "C:\Program Files ( x 86)\Canon Electronics\CaptureOnTouch\Tools". "Restoration Tool for Scanner Registry" launches. Click the [START] button.
CMS-XML Error: You Do Not Have Required Privileges to Access Folder - IJ Scan Utility - Windows
Allow the scan utility to work through Windows Defender next to Add an allowed app In the window that appears, navigate to C:\Program Files ( x 86)\Canon\IJ Scan Utility and double click SCANUTILITY.exe
CMS-XML DR Scanner driver not found / TWAIN Error
You need to find the one that contains files that say CANODR****.INF. x 64, CANODR****.INF.x86,
CMS-XML ScanGear (Scanner Driver) Error Messages - LiDE 300
output size or output resolution is reduced to 21000 x 30000 pixels or less and the data size is 1.8 GB or less.
CMS-XML Acquire Presto! PageManager 7.x update from NewSoft
Download and Install Presto! PageManager 7 update from NewSoft One of the following errors may occur when starting Presto! PageManager or when attempting to save as a PDF file.
CMS-XML How can I scan a document larger than A3 (11" x 17") with my DR-G2xx0 scanner? Perform a Folio scan.
When [Scanning Side] is set to [Folio], [Detect by Ultrasonic] in the [ Error Detection] tab sheet - [Double Feed Detection] is automatically turned off. Set [feeding Option] on the [Feeding] tab to [Manual Feeding]. Click the [OK] button to close the settings screen.
CMS-XML Displayed Error Codes
When a scanning error occurs, the following error codes are displayed in the Job. No. Indicator.
CMS-XML IJ Scan Utility Error Messages - LiDE 300
IJ Scan Utility Error Messages
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