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CMS-XML How do I add a printer for the Scan to Printer function of the ScanFront 400?
Then, enter a password for logging into the FTP server (up to 24 alphanumeric characters). ... You know you are successful when the ScanFront returns to the home screen (without errors ) and the document is then printed at the printer you selected.
CMS-XML Check Error Message on Control Panel (DR-G1130/G1100)
When document feeding is interrupted, an error message will appear on the display panel.
CMS-XML Handling a Double Feed (DR-G1130/G1100)
Handling a Double Feed When a double feed is detected while scanning, the document pages for which double feeding was detected are ejected at the eject outlet, an error message appears on the Control Panel display, and feeding stops. When a double feed is detected, the following process occurs, and messages appear according to the Rapid Recovery System setting in the ISIS/TWAIN driver.
CMS-XML Count-Only Mode (DR-G1130/G1100)
Verify Scan The scanner compares the document page count obtained from the Count-Only mode (or entered manually) with the actual count of document pages scanned, and an error message is displayed if the two counts do not match.
CMS-XML Replacing Imprinter Ink Cartridges (DR-G1130/G1100)
Replacing Ink Cartridges When closing the imprinter cover, make sure that it is locked so that it will not open unexpectedly. An error message appears on the display panel if the imprinter cover is open.
CMS-XML Received "Out of memory error" while scanning
If an error message appears due to insufficient memory while scanning is in progress, exit the application, change the scanning conditions (e. g . reduce the resolution or page size) and then try scanning again. In addition, the amount of memory used can be contained by turning off [Moire Reduction] and [Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background] if they are set to on.
CMS-XML DR Scanner driver not found / TWAIN Error
The *** will be the model of scanner Example: CANODR G 1130 .INF.x64 or CANODR C130
CMS-XML Roller Replacement Cycle (DR-G1130/G110)
As the rollers start to wear out, feeding quality declines, and document feed errors , such as paper jams, become more likely. If document feed errors continue to occur after cleaning the rollers, purchase the Roller Replacement Kit and replace the transport rollers (pickup, feed, and retard rollers).
CMS-XML How to add a static IP address to a DR-G2140/G2110 scanner (network models only)
The network versions of the DR-G2140/G2110 support DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). A DHCP server in the network environment provides IP addresses that can be automatically acquired, eliminating the need to specify an IP address for the scanner.
CMS-XML Main Features (DR-G1130/G1100)
Scanner Features Variety of Scanning Modes The scanner is equipped with six scanning modes: Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 256-level Gray, and 24-bit Color. * Advanced Text Enhancement can clarify scanned text by processing background or foreground colors.
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