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CMS-XML ScanGear Starter EX - Advanced Mode Tab Output Settings (macOS) - LiDE 120 / LiDE 220
Output Settings Save up to 10 items for each destination. An error message appears when you enter a value outside the setting range. Enter a value within the range displayed in the message.
CMS-XML Main Features (DR-G1130/G1100)
Scanner Features Variety of Scanning Modes The scanner is equipped with six scanning modes: Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 256-level Gray, and 24-bit Color. * Advanced Text Enhancement can clarify scanned text by processing background or foreground colors.
CMS-XML Why are some of the driver settings grayed out on my DR-G2xx0 Series Scanner?
Contrast Detect automatically O Black and White O Error Diffusion O Advanced Text Enhancement X Advanced Text Enhancement II O Active Threshold O 256-level Gray O 24-bit Color O (O: Available for setting, X: Not available for setting, or auto)
CMS-XML Displayed Error Codes
When a scanning error occurs, the following error codes are displayed in the Job. No. Indicator.
CMS-XML IJ Scan Utility Error Messages - LiDE 300
IJ Scan Utility Error Messages
CMS-XML IJ Scan Utility Error Messages - LiDE 400
IJ Scan Utility Error Messages
CMS-XML DR Scanner driver not found / TWAIN Error
While attempting to scan you receive the error message "Driver not found" or a TWAIN error . Do you know if a Windows update was applied recently? If so, it is possible that the .INI
CMS-XML ScanGear (Scanner Driver) Error Messages - LiDE 300
ScanGear error messages
CMS-XML IJ Scan Utility Lite Error Messages - LiDE 300 / LiDE 400
Error codes for IJ Scan Utility Lite - macOS
CMS-XML Check Error Message on Control Panel (DR-G1130/G1100)
When document feeding is interrupted, an error message will appear on the display panel.
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