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CMS-XML Merging images together using stitch-assist and MP Navigator
Scanning Images Larger than the Platen (Stitch Assist) Stitch Assist allows you to scan the left and right halves of a large document separately and combine the scanned images back into one image. You can scan documents that are up to twice as large as the Platen.
CMS-XML Setting up the Toolbox Scan-1 / Scan-2 button functions
How to Setup the Toolbox Scan-1 / Scan-2 Button Functions Note: The above paper sizes may not appear in all Toolbox versions. If the Stitch- assist (11"x17"), Stitch- assist (A3) or Stitch- assist (Platen x2) option is selected, the program scans the left half and then the right half of the item, and merges halves into one image.
CMS-XML Unable to scan with the DR-C225W / C225W II on macOS 11 (Big Sur) using Wi-Fi
If you are experiencing difficulties using the DR-C225W or DR-C225W II wireless (via Wi-Fi) on macOS 11 (Big Sur), please follow the steps listed below.
CMS-XML Information requested by CEI for ICS scanning issues
have had quite a few recent reports of TWAIN/ISIS errors when scanning with our ICS products. CEI has asked us to perform specific tasks in order to help them determine the issue.
CMS-XML How do I clean the scanning glass and rollers in my scanner?
Cleaning the glass and rollers regularly will help prevent possible image issues. Remove the Top Cover. Pull the Open Button, and pull the Right Maintenance Cover open to the right.
CMS-XML Scanning with the Scanner on the Stand (LiDE 500F)
Scanning on the Stand - CanoScan LiDE 500F Close the document cover. The document cover contains a magnet to help it stick to the scanner body.
CMS-XML Setting up the scanner to scan film (8400F)
Setting up the Scanner to Scan Film Always put the protective sheet back in place when you are not scanning films. This will help to protect the light source under the document cover.
CMS-XML Select Scan Job (CaptureOnTouch)
Registering and Editing Jobs The output setting items differ depending on the specified output method. For details on the setting items, see the Help of CaptureOnTouch.
CMS-XML Setting Basic Scanning Conditions - Mac
Color mode [Detect automatically] detects whether a document is color, grayscale, or black and white based on its content. When this is selected, you can configure detailed settings for the detection method. Refer to the Help for details.
CMS-XML Setting Basic Scanning Conditions (P-215)
[Detect automatically] detects whether the document is in color, grayscale, or black and white. You can configure advanced settings related to the detection method by clicking [Setting]. For details, see the Help .
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