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CMS-XML macOS 11 (Big Sur) support for imageFORMULA scanners
The following imageFORMULA scanners have been tested and will function ... DR - C 225/ C 225 II DR - C 225W/ C 225W II DR-C230 DR - C 240 DR -S150 DR -M140 DR -M160II ... It is important to note that all 4 of the following softwares must be updated in order to enable WiFi on macOS 11:
CMS-XML Clean and Sanitize Your Printer and Scanner Equipment
For cleaning and to help sanitize Canon PIXMA, MAXIFY, WG-Series and Finetech Printers as well as CanoScan Scanners, we recommend the following. ... Turn the device’s power off and unplug from power source and/or remove the battery (for mobile printers).
CMS-XML Documents frequently jam while scanning - DR-C230 / C 240
CMS-XML Documents outputs are crooked (skewed) while scanning - DR-C230 / C 240
CMS-XML Some scanner functions are greyed out (not available) - DR-C230 / C 240
CMS-XML How do i reset my roller counters? (DR-C230/C240)
Click the Start button, and then click [All Programs], [canon DR - C 240] / [Canon DR-C230 ], and [Canon imageFORMULA Utility]. imageFORUMLA Utility starts.
CMS-XML Unable to scan with the DR-C225W / C225W II on macOS 11 (Big Sur) using Wi-Fi imageformula - dr - c 225w-ii/ imageformula - dr - c 225w-ii-office-document-scanner?subtab=downloads-firmware Once the firmware has been updated, you will need to download and install the latest versions of the following files: - TWAIN Driver
CMS-XML Wi-Fi Connection using the WPS Function
Connecting using the WPS Function If the Wireless Connection Setup Tool is not yet installed on the computer, see the Setup Guide to install it. Click [Start] - [All Programs] - [Canon DR - C 225] - [Network Setup Tool]. From the Finder, double click [Applications] - [Wireless Connection Setup Tool].
CMS-XML Unable to connect to DR-C225W or DR-C225W II via Wi-Fi on macOS 10.13 using Network Setting Tool
CMS-XML Installing the Document Eject Guide on the DR-6030C.
The Document Eject Guide helps avoid the problem of long documents drooping down over the edge of the tray and becoming jammed.
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