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CMS-XML Merging images together using stitch-assist and MP Navigator
Merging images together using stitch- assist and MP Navigator
CMS-XML Download and Install Toolbox v. or Higher - CanoScan 9950F
Learn how to install CanoScan Toolbox version or higher to help make using your scanner easier.
CMS-XML Computer will not boot with device connected via USB
Turn off USB Emulation (legacy support) in the computer's BIOS Due to differences in the BIOS setups among different manufacturers and versions, please refer to the computer's documentation or technical support for assistance in checking and changing this setting.
CMS-XML Delete temporary files / unneeded files or programs - Windows
The Disk Cleanup tool helps free up space on the computer's hard disk by searching for files that can be safely deleted. Some or all files can be deleted. Use Disk Cleanup to perform any of the following tasks to free up space on the computer's hard disk.
CMS-XML IJ Scan Utility Lite - Adjusting Cropping Frames in the Image Stitch Window
window, you can specify a cropping frame on the image displayed in the Preview area. Refer to Help of Image Capture for how to adjust the cropping frames (selection boxes) in the screen displayed by clicking Driver
CMS-XML Types of Cables and Their Connectors
Power Cable If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML Scanning with the Scanner on the Stand (LiDE 500F)
Scanning on the Stand - CanoScan LiDE 500F Close the document cover. The document cover contains a magnet to help it stick to the scanner body.
CMS-XML Information on Windows 10 and Older Printer / Scanner Models
There are numerous options available if you chose to upgrade your Canon product to a Windows 10 compatible model. For assistance , please contact us at 1-877-359-6780 from 8:00 a.m. until midnight EST to speak with a Canon Upgrade Program representative.
CMS-XML You Don't Have Required Privileges to Access the Folder - IJ Scan Utility - Windows 10 1903 or Later
Solution The steps below will help you to resolve the issue.
CMS-XML Setting up the scanner to scan film (8400F)
Setting up the Scanner to Scan Film Always put the protective sheet back in place when you are not scanning films. This will help to protect the light source under the document cover.
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