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CMS-XML Error Can't Open File when trying to use a Bitmap file with Canon Check Reader imprinter
An imprinter mechanism, which prints text (5 lines) or a Bitmap on documents as they are scanned, comes standard with Canon imageFORMULA Check Readers. The Bitmap specifications are very specific as shown below. If you don't follow these guidelines you may receive an error "File Can't be Opened" when trying to attach the Bitmap file on the imprinter setup page.
CMS-XML What does the flashing light mean on the RP-10 (Receipt Printer)?
Blinking red RAM error : Blinking red and green alternately
CMS-XML Loading Documents - CR135
Do not exceed the Load Limit Mark when placing documents in the document tray. This may cause feeding errors or paper jams.
CMS-XML How can I do a test print with the RP-10?
The test print stops if a printer error (such as "Paper End" or "Paper Cover Open" etc.) occurs. Once the error is cleared, the test print resumes.
CMS-XML Document Feeding - CR190
Curled, wrinkled, or folded documents may cause an error . If this happens, straighten out the curls, or reduce the number of documents loaded.