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CMS-XML Connecting the Scanner to a Computer - CR135
The only way to connect the scanner to your computer is with a USB cable .
CMS-XML The scanner is not recognized when connected by USB.
If using a USB cable that was not bundled with the scanner, the scanner may not be recognized by the computer.
CMS-XML How does the RP-10 connect to a computer?
Connect the printer (RP-10) and the computer using the USB cable provided.
CMS-XML How do I connect my CR-L1 to my computer?
The only way to connect the scanner to your computer is with a USB cable .
CMS-XML Cleaning Guidelines for imageFORMULA Document Scanners
scanner? We can help . Watch our video to learn the dos and don'ts.
CMS-XML How do I clean the scanning glass and rollers in my scanner?
Cleaning the glass and rollers regularly will help prevent possible image issues. Remove the Top Cover. Pull the Open Button, and pull the Right Maintenance Cover open to the right.
CMS-XML CR-120 / 150 series Introduction Video [Video]
This instructional video demonstrates how to use the Canon imageFORMULA CR-120 / 150 check scanners. Enhance traditional check processing with these easy-to-operate check scanners. With high-speed, high-quality, precise processing capabilities plus reliable item handling and other useful features, let these check scanners help promote adaptability and productivity for your financial applications.
CMS-XML How do I configure my CR-120N as a network device?
Connect the CR-120N scanner's power cord. Connect a ethernet cable to the back of the scanner. Connect the scanner to a computer via the provided USB cable .
CMS-XML Check Transport Cleaning Cards
Regular cleaning not only maintains high image quality, but also helps to improve the reliability and extend the useful life of the CR-series Check Transport. These new Waffletechnology (TM) cleaning cards are simple and easy to use, offering Canon customers an excellent way to perform preventative maintenance quickly and more efficiently.