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CMS-XML Unable to scan with the DR-C225W / C225W II on macOS 11 (Big Sur) using Wi-Fi
If you are experiencing difficulties using the DR-C225W or DR-C225W II wireless (via Wi-Fi ) on macOS 11 (Big Sur), please follow the steps listed below.
CMS-XML How do I connect my DR-S150 scanner to a Wi-Fi network?
Use the Wireless Connection Tool to automatically acquire the required network information from the wireless settings of the computer connected to the access point, and connect the DR-S150 to the same network. Follow the steps listed below to successfully connect your scanner to a wireless ( Wi-Fi ) network.
CMS-XML Wi-Fi Connection using a Specified Access Point
Connecting to a Specified Access Point To connect the scanner to a computer via an access point that does not support WPS, select the access point for wireless connection from a list. - If the access point is using security settings (such as MAC address filtering), change the settings to allow connection to this scanner. - To ensure good Wi-Fi communications, perform this procedure with the scanner initially located close to the access point.
CMS-XML How to Connect Smart Devices
How to Connect Smart Devices 3. Turn on this scanner. 4. From the smart device [Settings], tap [ Wi-Fi ] to confirm that it is enabled. 5. For the network selection, select the SSID from step 2.
CMS-XML How do I make an ad-hoc (one-to-one) connection between the WA10 and a computer (or smart device equipped with wireless LAN capability)?
The WA10's factory default setting is AP mode. Search for the wireless network, and establish Wi-Fi connection with the WA10. 1) Click the
CMS-XML What are the features of the P-208 doucment scanner?
Features of the Scanner Equipped with Feeder Up to 10 pages of a document can be loaded and then fed continuously, or one at a time. Wi-Fi connectivity
CMS-XML Unable to connect to DR-C225W or DR-C225W II via Wi-Fi on macOS 10.13 using Network Setting Tool
CMS-XML Select document settings
Select document settings For the advanced settings other than the basic items, see the help in the driver settings dialog box. General Set the following items as occasion demands.
CMS-XML Wi-Fi Connection using the AP Mode
Connecting using the AP Mode Press and hold the power button until the indicator goes out. 2. Turn on the AP switch and the Wireless switch on the rear of the scanner. 3. Turn on this scanner.
CMS-XML Specifications (P-215)
Here are the specifications for the P-215 mobile scanner.
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