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CMS-XML Setting Basic Items
button. For details on the setting items, see the Help of the driver settings dialog box.
CMS-XML Setting the Output Method
In an environment in which Microsoft SharePoint Server has been introduced, you can send scanned images to a Microsoft SharePoint site. To do so, select [Save in Microsoft SharePoint] as the output method, and configure the setting for the image files to be sent.You must also open the advanced settings dialog box and configure settings such as the URL of the Microsoft SharePoint site, account information, and the save destination folder. For details on settings, see the help (click the [ Help ] button in the settings screen).
CMS-XML Before Using Kofax VRS
Restrictions when Using KOFAX VRS For further details on settings and features for KOFAX VRS, refer to "VRS User Guide.pdf" or the KOFAX VRS help file stored on the CD-ROM.