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CMS-XML What version of Kofax is bundled with Canon scanners?
CMS-XML The scanner is not recognized when connected by USB.
CMS-XML The [Setting] button allows setting a delay time from when a document is loaded until scanning starts.
CMS-XML Set "Scanning Side" to [Duplex]. (3010C)
CMS-XML Set a higher [Brightness] setting. (3010C)
CMS-XML Check the size, thickness, and weight of the document. (3010C)
CMS-XML Clean the rollers. (3010C)
CMS-XML Clean the scanning glass and rollers. (3010C)
CMS-XML Make sure that the scanner and the computer are correctly connected with the USB cable. (3010C)
CMS-XML Make sure the scanner is switched ON. (3010C)
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