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CMS-XML How do I correct an "Out of memory" error? My PC has enough memory.
If an error message appears due to insufficient memory while scanning is in progress, exit the application, change the scanning conditions (e.g. reduce the resolution or page size) and then try scanning again. In addition, the amount of memory used can be contained by turning off [Moire Reduction] and [Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background] if they are set to on.
CMS-XML Why are some of the driver settings grayed out on my DR-G2xx0 Series Scanner?
Contrast Detect automatically O Black and White O Error Diffusion O Advanced Text Enhancement X Advanced Text Enhancement II O Active Threshold O 256-level Gray O 24-bit Color O (O: Available for setting, X: Not available for setting, or auto)
CMS-XML Cleaning the Scanning Glass, Roller, and Pad (DR-Gxxxx series scanners)
Cleaning the Scanning Glass, Roller, and Pad Scratches on the scanning glass may cause spots or streaks on scanned images, as well as feeding errors . If you find a scratch on the scanning glass, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or service representative to have the glass replaced.
CMS-XML Removing and Reinstalling the Rollers - DR-G2xxx series scanners
Do not place excessive force on the rollers when removing or reinstalling the rollers. Deformation of the rollers may cause feed errors .
CMS-XML What are some of the scanning detection features available on my DR-G2xx series scanner?
Dust Detection Detects dust in the scanning unit and performs error processing as needed. Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection
CMS-XML What is Double Feed detection (and how do I enable it)?
Open the scanner driver's setting screen. Open the [ Error Detection] tab. Select either the [Detect by length] or the [Detect by Ultrasonic] check box (or both).
CMS-XML How can I scan a document larger than A3 (11" x 17") with my DR-G2xx0 scanner? Perform a Folio scan.
When [Scanning Side] is set to [Folio], [Detect by Ultrasonic] in the [ Error Detection] tab sheet - [Double Feed Detection] is automatically turned off. Set [feeding Option] on the [Feeding] tab to [Manual Feeding]. Click the [OK] button to close the settings screen.