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CMS-XML Error "Cannot load driver" when using the DR-C225W
If you are connected via USB and receive this message, make sure the Wireless button on the back of the scanner is set to "OFF". By default, it is set to "ON" and you will receive this error message if trying to use the scanner via USB.
CMS-XML ERROR : Device cannot be Locked.
CMS-XML Error message ""CaptureOnTouch (model name)" is not optimized for your Mac." appears when launching CoT on Mac OS 10.13.4 (or later)
CMS-XML Getting error " Cannot load driver " when scanning on macOS with imageFORUMLA scanner.
If you are still getting the "Cannot load driver" error , please try moving the USB cable, on the computer, to a different port and try again.
CMS-XML How do I scan documents longer than 14 inches (356 mm) on my DR scanner?
When scanning large-sized documents with the Long Document mode, scanning may be slower. Errors may also occur due to memory shortage and scanning may be disabled.