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CMS-XML Useful Tips (DR-C130)
What rules apply to scanned image file names? The rules for the file names of scanned images and the folder in which scanned images are saved can be set and then applied during scanning. For details, see the "Operating Guide" or help of CapturePerfect.
CMS-XML Configuration and Functions of the Scanner Driver
Configuration and Functions of the Scanner Driver For details on the setting screen, see the Help of the scanner driver. Click the [Help] button of the driver to display help related to the corresponding tab or dialog box.
CMS-XML Select Scan Job (CaptureOnTouch)
Registering and Editing Jobs The output setting items differ depending on the specified output method. For details on the setting items, see the Help of CaptureOnTouch.
CMS-XML Setting the Basic Scanning Conditions
Color mode [Detect automatically] detects whether the document is in color, grayscale, or black and white. You can configure advanced settings related to the detection method by clicking [Setting]. For details, see the Help .
CMS-XML Setting the Output Mode (CaptureOnTouch)
Other Output Methods next to [Detail Settings], and then enter the account information and configure the destination settings. For details on the settings, see the Help (click the [ Help ] button in the settings screen).
CMS-XML Scanner Settings (CaptureOnTouch)
Use advanced settings dialog box button. For details on the setting items, see the Help of the driver settings dialog box. The driver settings dialog box includes setting items that are the same as the basic items in [Scanner setting], but the setting for each of the them is stored separately.
CMS-XML Before Using Kofax VRS
Restrictions when Using KOFAX VRS For further details on settings and features for KOFAX VRS, refer to "VRS User Guide.pdf" or the KOFAX VRS help file stored on the CD-ROM.