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CMS-XML Scanning using CaptureOnTouch on a Windows computer is slower than expected
CMS-XML How to create Jobs using CaptureOnTouch v4 (and later)
CMS-XML What documents can I scan with my DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II Scanner?
CMS-XML Clearing Paper Jams, Skewed Documents, Stapled Documents, and Feed Errors - DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II
CMS-XML Replacing Consumable Parts (Feed roller and retard roller) and Resetting the Roller Counter - DR-M1060
CMS-XML Maintenance for the DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II
CMS-XML Important Safety Instructions (DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II)
CMS-XML Switching the feed and Eject Methods on my DR-M1060 / DR-M1060 II Scanner
CMS-XML Common Problems and Solutions - Documents jam (or double-feed). (DR-M1060)
CMS-XML Important Safety Instructions - Installation Location (DR-M1060)
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