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CMS-XML Box contents - CanoScan 9000F MKII
CanoScan 9000F MKII Box Contents CanoScan 9000F MARK II Color Image Scanner Setup CD-ROM and Printed Documents Film Guide 35MM Mount
CMS-XML Using the scanner push-buttons (5600F)
Using the Scanner Buttons [COLOR] Button Scans color images in A4 or Letter size* at 300 dpi. [BLACK & WHITE] Button
CMS-XML Calibrating the scanner (5600F)
Calibrating the Scanner (5600F) Perform Calibration when the color tone of the preview image is significantly different from the source document, or when colors appear in white portions. To manually calibrate the scanner:
CMS-XML Scan Quality (Image Displayed on the Monitor) Is Poor
See Also Cause Check 9: Cover your scanner with black cloth if white spots, streaks, or colored patterns appear in scan results due to interference from ambient light Summary See Also
CMS-XML Adjusting Color Mode and Output (Scan) Resolution (5600F, LiDE 100, LiDE 200)
Color Select this mode to scan color documents or film, or to create color images . This mode renders the image in 256 levels (8 bit) of R(ed), G(reen), and B(lue).
CMS-XML Determine Scan Resolution Settings
How to set the resolution For color images , set the resolution at half of what you set for the printer. For example, if you use a 600 dpi color printer, you should scan your document at 300 dpi.
CMS-XML Adjusting Color Settings Tab options (5600F, LiDE 100, LiDE 200)
Adjust the settings on the Color Settings tab in Preferences (5600F, LiDE 100, LiDE 200) ... To adjust the Color Settings ( color matching): ... Click the ' Color Settings' tab ... ... Information About the Color Settings Tab Select a color correction method from ... ... This option displays colors vividly on computer ... ... ColorGear/ColorSync color management system. It makes colors consistent between the ... monitor and a color printer. ... enabled when the Color mode is set to Color or Color (48 bit ... The Color correction buttons ( ... is selected since color correction is automated ... (The Color tab will cease ... None No color correction is performed ... ... the source ( scanner ), target ...
CMS-XML Adjusting Color Mode and Output (Scan) Resolution
Adjusting Color Mode and Output ... ... data in the image you have scanned ... about brightness and color . ... of detail your image contains. ... detail in your image ; the lower ... ... Scanning Using the Scanner Buttons) tab ... ... of the scanned image . ... Item Type Use Color Mode Appropriate Resolution Film Copying Color 1200 dpi (Printing) Color photo Copying Color 300 dpi ( ... Creating a postcard Color 300 dpi Saving to a computer Color 300 dpi Using ... e-mail Color 150 dpi Black ...
CMS-XML Editing Images Using MP Navigator EX (LiDE 700F)
Editing Images Using MP Navigator EX (LiDE 700F) Editing Photograph Images You can enhance images or correct colors using ArcSoft PhotoStudio.
CMS-XML Image Settings Functions (5600F, LiDE 100, LiDE 200)
Image Setting When previewing or scanning images with consistent color tone (such as the sky), the color tone may change from the source image due to the Auto Tone function. In that case, set Auto Tone to OFF.
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