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CMS-XML Not enough memory to execute scanner settings
ScanFront uses memory to scan documents. This memory usage differs according to conditions such as document size and resolution. When setting scanning conditions that require a large amount of memory capacity, an error message saying "Not enough memory to execute current scanner settings" may appear and you may not be able to scan the document.
CMS-XML Error: A network error has occured
If you are receiving "A network error has occurred." when you boot up the ScanFront 400, it is typically caused by the fact that the scanner has booted in "Web Application" mode and the URL has not be correctly set. .
CMS-XML During scanning, an unknown error occurs.
If you receive an unknown error while scanning, it may be that the scanner is having trouble communicating with the computer.
CMS-XML Error: Invalid Password when attempting to log into the ScanFront 400.
While attempting to log into the ScanFront 400, you receive the error : Invalid Password (even after validating your entry several times).
CMS-XML Replacing the Rollers and Document Holding Guide (SF-300 Series)
When the rollers start to wear out, document feed errors such as paper jams are more likely to occur.
CMS-XML How to recover from Web Application Mode on the ScanFront 400.
When your ScanFront 400 boots up in Web Application mode, and you have not defined the web address it requires, you will be prompted with a window indicatiing the following error : Warning A network error has occured.
CMS-XML Replace the rollers. (SF220/220P)
Do not use excessive force when removing or attaching the retard or feed rollers. Doing so may cause the rollers to become deformed, resulting in feed errors .
CMS-XML Paper becomes jammed because the rollers are dirty.
Do not use excessive force when removing or attaching the retard roller. Doing so may cause the roller to become deformed, resulting in feed errors .
CMS-XML Clean the scanning glass. (SF220/220P)
Scratches on the scanning glass may cause streaks on scanned images, as well as feeding errors . If there are scratches on a scanning glass, contact your authorized Canon dealer.
CMS-XML Clean the rollers. (SF220/220P)
Rotate the rollers on the panel unit side while cleaning them. Do not rotate the rollers on the opposite side, and remove dirt on the visible portions only. Forcefully rotating the rollers on this side may cause feed errors .
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