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CMS-XML Forwarding Received Fax Documents (D1100 Series)
Forwarding Received Fax Documents The D1180 /D1170 can forward received I- fax documents to other machines or file servers. You can set whether to print received fax/I-fax documents with forwarding errors, and whether to store them in memory.
CMS-XML Basic Methods for Sending Faxes
CMS-XML Attaching a Cover Sheet (Mac Fax Driver)
CMS-XML Faxing a Document from a Computer (D1100 Series)
Faxing a Document from a Computer. The number of recipients to which you can send simultaneously depends on the conditions of cover sheet attachment. For details, click [ Help ] in the bottom right-hand corner of the fax driver window to view the online help.
CMS-XML Using the Address Book Key (Fax)
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
CMS-XML Handling Documents with Forwarding Errors (Fax) (D1100 Series)
CMS-XML Sending Documents to More Than One Location (Broadcasting) (Scan to File Server)(D1180/D1170 Only)
Sending Document to More Than One Location (Broadcasting) If fax numbers are included among the recipients and <REST. MULTI DEST> in <ACCESS TO DEST.> in <SYSTEM SETTINGS> is set to <PROHIBIT>, you cannot send the documents to multiple recipients.
CMS-XML Check the name of the SMTP server or POP server in <E-MAIL/I-FAX> in <NETWORK SETTINGS> in <SYSTEM SETTINGS>.
CMS-XML Reducing a Received Fax Document (D1150/D1170/D1180)
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