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CMS-XML Using the wireless controller WL-D85 Elura 80
Other Precautions and Notes The wide attachment may obstruct the remote sensor (the range of the wireless controller narrows), or may cause a shadow to appear on the picture when recording with the assist lamp. The wireless controller may not work properly when the remote sensor is subjected to strong light sources or direct sunlight. If the wireless controller does not work, check if the remote sensor is set to [OFF].
CMS-XML Ordering parts for your product
Ordering Replacement Parts The hours of operation are 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST from Monday to Friday. When calling, speak the term "order parts" when the speech routing system asks the reason for your call. You will immediately be routed to the Parts Desk for assistance .
CMS-XML Playing back images and movies from the memory card on my camcorder Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90
Displaying images one at a time button (or the REW / FF button on the wireless controller) for 8x fast forward/fast rewind playback.
CMS-XML Recording Still Images on a Memory Card Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90
Using the Camcorder as a Digital Still Camera - When you press the <PHOTO> button on the wireless controller, recording starts immediately. Press the <PHOTO> button fully.
CMS-XML Installing or replacing the backup battery Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90
Installing or replacing the backup battery Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90 Keep the battery out of reach of children. If it is swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately. The battery case may break and the battery fluids may damage stomach and intestines.
CMS-XML Playing back a tape on the camcorder Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90
Special Playback Modes Press the button on the wireless controller during normal playback. Press the
CMS-XML Transferring video recordings to and from a computer Elura 80, Elura 85, and Elura 90
Transferring Video Recordings to and from a Computer Because procedures for digital editing software applications vary greatly, Canon cannot offer any additional support or suggestions regarding downloading and editing your video. Please refer to the software publisher or your computer manufacturer (if the software came with your computer) for assistance in using the software.