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CMS-XML EOS 10s : Checking the battery level status
CMS-XML EOS 10s : What the various symbols on the main command dial mean
CMS-XML EOS 10s : How to use the eyepiece cover.
CMS-XML EOS 10s : How Manual Exposure (M) mode works.
CMS-XML EOS 10s : How to set exposure compensation
CMS-XML EOS 10s : How to unload a roll of film
CMS-XML EOS 10s : Here are the Custom Functions available
CMS-XML How to identify a counterfeit lithium-ion battery.
Notice, the upper part of the Canon logo is blurred on the counterfeit battery.
CMS-XML EOS 10s : Here is a list of the Parts and controls - nomenclature
CMS-XML EOS EF-M : What the exposure error warnings mean.
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