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CMS-XML Printing with a Wi-Fi Printer (Connect Station CS100)
CMS-XML Deleting the saved state on iOS devices to troubleshoot Canon Camera Connect issues.
At times, the Canon Camera Connect application for iOS may behave incorrectly when attempting to connect an iOS device to a camera via Wi-Fi . Deleting the app's saved state in the background can oftentimes correct this. This does not harm the app or the device and simply causes the app to launch with a default "state", which can eliminate many issues that prevent the app from connecting to the camera and performing correctly.
CMS-XML The Power Lamp is Illuminated in Red (Connect Station CS100)
When Connect Station gives three short beeps and the power lamp blinks in red, make sure the NFC function and Wi-Fi function are correctly set on Connect Station, the camera/camcorder, smartphone, etc.
CMS-XML Service Notice: EOS Utility/Picture Style File Registration Tool applications: USB Connection Issue on macOS 10.15.2
Countermeasure‚Äč For EOS cameras with Wi-Fi functionality, the camera can be accessed by the EOS Utility software application via a Wi-Fi connection. For details, please review the user manual.
CMS-XML An Error Message is displayed on the Screen (Connect Station CS100)
The following example explains an error which occurs when you attempt to print images saved to the connect station with a Wi-Fi printer. 1. Press the [ ], [
CMS-XML You can use a terminal such as a smartphone or the tablet, to view images stored in Connect Station or send images from the terminal to Connect Station (Connect Station CS100)
3. Connect Station gives two short beeps, and the Wi-Fi lamp blinks twice. If the browser on the terminal starts and the login screen is displayed, communication is established via Wi-Fi even if the terminal is moved away from Connect Station.
CMS-XML Making a wireless connection to a camera and saving images (Connect Station CS100)
1. Turn on the camera/camcorder to be connected and set it up to allow use of its NFC function in advance . For the operation procedure, refer to the Camera/ Camcorder Instruction Manual.
CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Function Difference Between Mobile App and PC (browser) Version
Included is a chart that outlines the functional differences between the mobile app versions and the browser version of the service.
CMS-XML Clean and Sanitize Your Camera Equipment
Cleaning of Camera, Lens and Video Products For the purpose of helping to sanitize your Canon Camera, Lens and Video products, it is recommended that you clean parts touched with the hands such as camera grips, dials and lens exteriors.
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