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CMS-XML Receiving a fax using DRPD mode
CMS-XML Receiving a fax while Performing Other Tasks
CMS-XML Registering Group Dialing (L80)
To send a fax to multiple locations at the same time (Group Dial), you must first enter (register) the fax numbers using either 1-Touch Spd dial or Coded Spd Dial. Once all of the individual fax numbers have been stored on the unit, you can group them together by creating a Group Dial. Group dials can be saved to either a (just push one button to send to the Group dial) or (push Coded Dial and the number to send to the Group dial).
CMS-XML Make sure subaddress and/or password match the settings on other machine (L75/L80)
Make sure the subaddress and/or password match the settings on the other party's fax machine . Before polling another fax machine, be sure to read the following: The machine can only poll fax machines that support polling.
CMS-XML Memory Sending (L80)
Memory Sending Load the document, face down in the ADF. Dial the other party's fax number .
CMS-XML Load envelopes ( L80 )
CMS-XML Items in box ( L80 )
CMS-XML Remove the sealing tape- L80
CMS-XML Disabling RX Restriction ( L80 )
CMS-XML Changing the RX Report ( L80 )
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