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CMS-XML Fax Error Codes for L120
Error Codes 0001 The sender may not be using a G3 fax machine . Make sure the sender's machine is compatible with your machine 0070 Reception was manually canceled on the machine. Ask the sender to resend the document if necessary.
CMS-XML Adjusting the contrast settings (L120)
Scan Settings Adjust contrast and image quality (resolution and image type) before sending a fax . Note that a higher resolution image requires more memory and takes longer to transmit. The image quality setting returns to the default value if no operation is performed for one minute, if you press <Stop/Reset>, or after the document is scanned.
CMS-XML Using Coded Speed Dialing
Using Coded Speed Dialing Press <Start>. Press <Stop/Reset>, then <Set> to cancel sending the fax .
CMS-XML Summary of Reports and Lists L120
Summary of Reports and Lists MEMORY IMAGE PRINT Shows information and the first page of a reserved job. 1-TOUCH SPEED DIAL LIST Lists the names and fax numbers of recipients registered under one-touch speed dialing buttons. Also shows subaddresses, if set.
CMS-XML Entering sender information L120
Entering Sender Information Use <Up/Down> to select [2 USER FAX NO.?], then press <Set>. Use the numeric buttons to enter your fax number (up to 20 digits), then press <Set> twice. Use <Up/Down> to select [3 USER NAME?], then press <Set>.
LCD display (Standby Mode) A Time B Image quality C Memory available D
CMS-XML Facsimile Specifications (L120)
Facsimile Specifications
CMS-XML Cleaning of imageCLASS Products
For the purpose of helping to sanitize your Canon imageCLASS product, it is recommended that you clean parts touched with the hands such as control panels, covers and jam locations with isopropyl alcohol using the following precautions:
CMS-XML Canceling Printing
Canceling Printing Open the [Printers and Faxes ] (Windows 98/ME/2000: [Printers]) folder. Click [Start] on the Windows task bar, select [Printers and Faxes (Windows 98/Me/2000: [Start], [Settings], then [Printers]). Double-click the corresponding printer driver icon.
CMS-XML Memory Reception (L120)
Memory Reception The machine automatically receives faxes in memory when printing is disabled under certain conditions (i.e., toner or paper has run out). You can also set the machine to receive faxes in memory during a certain time period of your choice, with password protection if required.
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