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CMS-XML Connect the answering machine to the fax machine L170
Connect the answering machine to the extension port on the fax machine .
CMS-XML Receiving faxes using Manual Mode L170
Receiving faxes using Manual Mode To use this mode, you must have the handset or a telephone connected to the machine. In Manual Mode, the machine rings every time it receives a call, whether the call is from a telephone or a fax machine .
CMS-XML Receiving faxes using FaxTel Mode L170
Options for FaxTel Mode When a call comes in, the machine checks to see if it is a person wishing to speak to you or a fax machine trying to send a document. If your machine does not have enough time to detect the fax tone, it assumes the call is from a telephone. Use the [RING START TIME] setting to increase the time the machine takes to check whether a call from a fax machine or a telephone.
CMS-XML Fax Settings Menu L170
1. Specifies the basic operation settings in the Fax mode. 1.TEL LINE SETTINGS Specifies the telephone line settings. 1.USER TEL NO. Your telephone and fax number can be registered
CMS-XML Manual Sending Via the Handset
Manual Sending Via the Handset Use manual sending when you want to talk to the other party before sending a document, or if the other party does not have a fax machine that can receive automatically. Follow this procedure for manual sending:
CMS-XML Scanning a document into a Polling Box L170
Follow this procedure to store a document in the polling box. The document remains in the polling box so that other fax machines can poll it. To use polling sending, you have to previously create a polling box.
CMS-XML Memory Sending-L170
Memory Sending You should normally use memory sending to send documents efficiently. If [MEMORY FULL] is displayed, the machine cannot scan the documents. In this case, wait for the machine to send any faxes stored in the memory, then scan the document.
CMS-XML Common Settings Menu L170
Common Settings Menu the machien has finished sending faxes . ON 1
CMS-XML Canceling a receiving fax L170
CMS-XML Receiving faxes in memory when a problem occurs L170
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