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CMS-XML PIXMA / MAXIFY Products: Windows 10 / Windows 11 on ARM-Based Computers
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CMS-XML Different ways to send a fax (JX210P)
This fax is capable of sending faxes using speed dials, for sequential broadcast and even delayed sending.
CMS-XML How to Test the Send and Receive Functions for Faxing
After you have connected the fax machine to your telephone line, you can now test to see if is ready to send and receive faxes . Here’s how:
CMS-XML Sending a fax on the FAX-JX210P
Sending Documents Load the document face up into the Document Tray. Dial the receiving party's fax number .
CMS-XML Changing copy / fax resolution settings (FAX-JX210P)
Resolution is a measure of the fineness or clarity of a printout. Low resolutions may cause text and graphics to have a jagged appearance. while higher resolutions provide smoother curves and lines, crisp text and graphics, and a better match to traditional typeface designs. The selections for faxing are [FAX STANDARD], [FAX FINE] or [FAX PHOTO]. Note: You cannot change the resolution setting while the machine is sending a fax or after it starts scanning. Press <Start/Copy>.
CMS-XML Installing the cartridge FAX-JX210P
The fax machine uses a PG-40 or PG-50 Ink Cartridge.
CMS-XML Registering coded speed dial on FAX-JX210P
Use coded speed dialing to dial a fax number at the press of three buttons. A fax/telephone number can be registered under each two-digit code.
CMS-XML Printing a report on the FAX-JX210P
Printing an Activity Report, 1-Touch List, Coded Dial List, User Data List on the fax machine .
CMS-XML Remote receiving FAX-JX200 / JX210P
If you have a telephone connected to the fax machine , you can receive a fax manually by entering a two-digit ID code from the extension phone.
CMS-XML Register date and time on FAX-JX210P
When sending a document, the sending fax number and name (known as ID) and the sending date and time print out at the receiving fax machine .
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