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CMS-XML Faxing Documents from Computers
The display may differ according to the operating system and system environment. Viewing the Online Help (PC Fax) You can display the online help by clicking [ Help ] on the printer driver screen.
CMS-XML Cannot Send a Fax
CMS-XML Sending a Fax Manually
CMS-XML Sending Faxes to Multiple Recipients (Sequential Broadcast)
CMS-XML Saving Received Fax Documents in the Memory/Forwarding Received Fax Documents
You can specify a fax number stored to the address book, one-touch key, or coded dialing code. You can forward a fax to only one destination.
CMS-XML If You Cannot Receive a Fax
The receive start speed is specified 33600 bps in the default setting, however you may not be able to receive a fax depending on the status of the recipient fax machine or the line. Select a slower receive speed using following procedure.
CMS-XML Select Line Type
Solution Change this option when you cannot send a fax . Contact your local telephone company when you are not sure of the line type that you are using.
PDF User Support Tool
1 Make Sure That the Processing/Data Indicator Is Off Make sure that the Processing/Data indicator on the operation panel of the machine is off. If the indicator is lit up or blinking, wait until the machine finishes all of its operations (copying, printing, sending faxes , etc.).
CMS-XML Selecting the Receive Mode
If < Fax /Tel Auto Switch> is specified:Proceed to specify the advanced settings. See the "e-Manual" (HTML manual) in the CD-ROM supplied with the machine.
CMS-XML Installing the FAX L Drivers
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