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CMS-XML Does this device support wireless? (imageCLASS/Faxphone)
CMS-XML Can this device print from a mobile device? (imageCLASS/Faxphone)
CMS-XML Uninstalling the Printer/Fax/Scanner Driver (For Windows XP/Vista/7/8)( MF4150 )
CMS-XML ROM Flash Procedure MF 4150 Series
CMS-XML Installing the software on Windows 8 (MF4150)
32 bit download file name - " MF4150 _MFDrivers_W32_us_EN.exe" 64 bit download file name - "MF4150_MFDrivers_W64_us_EN.exe" 2. Double click the file it will extract to a folder in the same location, with the same name.
CMS-XML ICMF models supported in Leopard (10.5)
ICMF models supported in Leopard (10.5) imageCLASS MF4150 imageCLASS MF4270 imageCLASS MF4690
CMS-XML Memory Reception-ICMF 4150
Memory Reception *Based on the condition that the other party sends the fax by the imageCLASS MF4150 with ITU-T Standard Chart No. 1, standard mode. The maximum number of pages that the machine's memory can store differs depending on the other party's machine. - Once the pages are printed, they are deleted from the memory.
CMS-XML Does my laser multifunction use the MF Scan Utility or MF Toolbox?
MF ToolBox MF4690 MF ToolBox MF4570DN/4570DW/MF4450 MF ToolBox MF4350D/4370DN MF ToolBox D420/D480 MF ToolBox MF4150 /4270 MF ToolBox MF3240 MF ToolBox D1320/1350/1370 MF ToolBox D1120/1150/1170/1180 MF ToolBox MF212/216/217 MF ToolBox MF227/229DW MF ToolBox MF6160/6180DW MF ToolBox
CMS-XML Service Notice: Windows 10 Scanning for imageCLASS
* Install Patch from imageCLASS D480 Not Applicable ** v2.70 or later imageCLASS MF4270 Not Applicable ** v2.10 or later imageCLASS MF4150 Not Applicable ** v2.0 or later imageCLASS MF3110 imageCLASS MF3111