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CMS-XML Sending Faxes from Your Computer (PC Fax)
REFERENCE About the Fax Driver Help
CMS-XML Service Notice: FAX Unable to Receive Automatically on the MF236n, MF247dw or MF249dw
Canon U.S.A., Inc For assistance , please contact our award winning customer service below. Canon Customer Support Center
CMS-XML Installing the Driver/Software Via Network for Windows
For a printer driver or fax driver: ... Windows Control Panel > [Devices and Printers], [Printers], or [Printers and Faxes ]. ... Select the [Select Driver] screen > [Canon Driver Information Assist Service]. Select the [Confirm Settings] screen > [Use as Shared Printer] or [Use as Shared Fax ]. ... For a printer driver or fax driver: ... Windows Control Panel > [Devices and Printers], [Printers], or [Printers and Faxes ].
CMS-XML Proof of Purchase Guidance for imageCLASS devices
You may either fax or ... FAX Number : (757) 579-7198 ... This will assist us in validating the receipt in our system.
CMS-XML If You Cannot Send a Fax
CMS-XML Sending Faxes to Multiple Destinations Simultaneously (Sequential Broadcast)
CMS-XML Making a Call before Sending Faxes (Manual Sending)
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
This article explains the basic procedure for displaying the settings screen of the driver and sending a fax from an application.
CMS-XML Forwarding Received Faxes
You can forward received documents to other destinations. You can select a document from among all the documents received in memory for forwarding, or set the machine to automatically forward every received document to specified destinations. Fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses, shared folders in computers can be specified as forwarding destinations.
CMS-XML Receiving Faxes
When selecting <DRPD: Select Fax> Select the ring pattern that your telephone company assigned to your fax number . Using a Telephone to Receive Faxes (Remote Reception)
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