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CMS-XML Wireless Setup for the imageCLASS MF746Cdw, MF745Cdw, MF743Cdw, MF741Cdw, MF644Cdw, MF642Cdw, MF641Cw and LBP664Cdw - (Contains Video) (Windows)
MF746Cdw, MF745Cdw, MF743Cdw, MF741Cdw, MF644Cdw, MF642Cdw, MF641Cw and LBP664Cdw printers to do wireless printing, scanning, and faxing depending on your specific model. It contains a Canon imageCLASS Wireless Help Video that provides complete instructions for setting up your printer and Windows Computer.
CMS-XML Proof of Purchase Guidance for imageCLASS devices
You may either fax or ... FAX Number : (757) 579-7198 ... This will assist us in validating the receipt in our system.
CMS-XML Basic process for sending a fax - MF640 Series / MF740 series
This article describes the basic operation procedure used to send a fax .
CMS-XML Cannot Send an International Fax
Step 1 Placing a pause When you specify the destination number in the order "(international access code) - (country code) - (area code) - ( fax number )", enter a pause between numbers. If the number is not recognized correctly even when pauses are entered, Change the pause time.
CMS-XML Specifying a Fax Receive Mode
Specifying the fax settings first 3 Register the fax number and the unit name. 1
CMS-XML Telephone and Fax Do Not Automatically Switch
The sending machine may not support sending a fax identification signal (CNG signal)
CMS-XML Instuctions for clearing error messages
Countermeasures for Each Message Check the following to find out possible causes and solutions for each message. If you cannot send a fax or the memory is full, or you encounter operation problems, a message appears on the display.
CMS-XML Instructions for clearing error codes
A fax could not be sent or received due to its large data size. Basic Operations for Sending Faxes When sending a fax: Reduce the resolution, and scan the original. When receiving a fax: Ask the sender to divide the original into multiple sections or reduce the resolution before sending.
CMS-XML Editing the Address Book from a Computer (Remote UI)
Editing the Address Book from a Computer (Remote UI) Enter the name of the destination. [ Fax Number ] Enter the fax number of the destination.
CMS-XML The Operation Panel and the Display
Adjusting the angle The name or ID of the logged-in user is displayed. Use this button to start copying. Use this button to send a fax from the machine.
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