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CMS-XML Sending from an F80 using a long distance calling code
The telephone company or PBX system may use long distance calling codes on a phone line as a means to manage long distance calls. This service may extend to a fax phone line and for local phone calls as well. Tips to help you send a fax using a calling code.
CMS-XML Sending faxes using Group Dialing - C530 / C545 / C555 / C560 / C755
Using Group Dialing To use this feature, you must first register a group of fax numbers for one-touch speed dialing or coded speed dialing. 1. Open the document tray. 2. Prepare the document and load it, face down, in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
CMS-XML Registering sender information (Fax Setup Utility - Mac) - C555
Entering User Information Utility , click the ' Send Fax ' Click here to see setup options.
CMS-XML Setting the Fax Receive Mode ( standalone ) - C755 / C555 / C545 / C560 / C530
FAX ONLY MODE The MultiPASS assumes all incoming calls are from fax machines sending faxes . It receives the documents automatically and disconnects all voice calls.
CMS-XML Changing copy / fax resolution or contrast on the C530 / C560
click here To send a fax in color, . click here
CMS-XML Unable to receive a fax. (C530,C560,C545)
I can't receive a fax. (C530,C560,C545) Keep the answering machine's outgoing message less than 12 seconds. In the message, you may want to include "To send a fax , start transmission now; to leave a message speak after the beep."
CMS-XML Setting up DRPD (Desktop Manager) (C3500, C5500)
If you plan to use the MultiPASS as a stand-alone fax machine , user settings, such as date and time, name, and telephone number are programmable through the control panel. However, to program speed dials, set legal paper for legal sized copies or faxes , or other user setting changes, it is recommended to install the MultiPASS Desktop Manager software.
CMS-XML Installing the MultiPASS software (C2500)
How do I install the MultiPASS software? (C2500) Standalone Fax Users: If you plan to use the MultiPASS as a standalone fax machine , then the MultiPASS Software is not required. Software installation
CMS-XML To install the MultiPASS software (C755)
How do I install the MultiPASS software? (C755) for instructions on how to program your name, fax number , and other user settings. Important Notice
CMS-XML Using one-touch dialing - C755 / C555 / C545 / C560 / C530
Using One-Touch Speed Dialing The LCD display shows the following: If you are sending in color to a fax machine with color capability, press <Color/B&W > to turn on its light.
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