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CMS-XML Wireless Help - imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
CMS-XML How to Disable IPv6 - PRO-1000
If your PRO-1000 is connected to your network but does not have an IPv4 address, disabling IPv6 may help resolve this problem.
CMS-XML Canon Two Minute Tips: Print Studio Intro [Video]
Two Minute tips will help to answer frequently asked questions about Pro photography and printing. Although not mentioned in the video Print Studio Pro also works with the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000.
CMS-XML How to Print using the imagePROGRAF Free Layout Tool [Video]
Learn how to compile multiple images on to one page to help conserve media. [Here] If you are having trouble viewing the video please click
CMS-XML PRO-1000 Printer Parts
Printer Parts If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML How to install Print Studio Pro - or if Print Studio Pro Not Showing After Installation in Photoshop 2022 (Windows)
If you are having difficulties in accessing Print Studio Pro for Windows after installing it for Photoshop 2022, this article may help resolve the problem.
CMS-XML Basic Steps for Restoring Network Communication with Your Printer
Here are some basic steps to walk through restoring network communication with your printer. This may help if you receive messages such as Printer is Offline
CMS-XML Getting Started Guide - PRO-1000
Your printer came with a Getting Started Guide. This document assists in the initial setup of the printer. If you do not have this guide, a copy of it is attached to this article.
CMS-XML Clean and Sanitize Your Printer and Scanner Equipment
Cleaning of Printer and Scanner Products For cleaning and to help sanitize Canon PIXMA, MAXIFY, WG-Series and Finetech Printers as well as CanoScan Scanners, we recommend the following. You will need 70-80% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol and a soft lint-free cloth.
CMS-XML PosterArtist - Menus and Commands
Tool menu Help menu Main screen toolbar
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