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CMS-XML i9900 ROM Upgrade Information
Cause 3: The downloaded upgrade software is not for your i9900/i9950. Solution: Download the applicable upgrade software file( s ), and perform the procedures from the beginning again. Check the items displayed in the following dialog box, and click 'Start':
CMS-XML Setting up the iP4000R for use over a wired LAN - Macintosh
First-time Setup for Use over a Wired LAN - Macintosh 3. Turn on the Mac. 4. Place the Setup Software & User? s Guide CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. 5. Double-click the Mac OS X folder, then double-click the Printer Driver folder.
CMS-XML If setup does not automatically locate installation files, browse to the Windows folder to locate driver software for your device
If setup does not automatically locate installation files and the below message appears, open Device Manager and update the device driver( s ) by browsing to C:\Windows folder.
PDF Portable Kit User’s Guide Kit portable Guide d’Utilisation
Important 4 Attach the battery connector cover ( s ) to the printer. Charging the Battery
CMS-XML Replace ink tank( s ) i860
CMS-XML Replace ink cartridge( s ) iP1600
CMS-XML Replace ink tank( s ) i9900
CMS-XML Replace ink tank( s ) iP8500
CMS-XML Adding the Second and Following Printer( s )
CMS-XML Replace the ink tank( s ) - iP4300
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