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CMS-XML Install / Replace Ink Tanks Correctly- S400 / BJC-3000
CMS-XML Printer specifications- S400
CMS-XML Ink tank specifications- S400
CMS-XML Serial Number Location - S400
Locate the Serial Number - S400
CMS-XML Removing Jammed Paper - S400 / S450
CMS-XML Load paper correctly - S400 / S450
CMS-XML Loading envelopes properly - S400 / S450
CMS-XML Clean inside the printer - S400 / S450
CMS-XML Cleaning the Print Head - S400 / S450
CMS-XML Driver and software compatibility (Windows 7) S Series Printers
This bulletin reports the support information for Windows 7 regarding Inkjet Printers. S300, S400 , S450, S500, S600, S630, S800 When connecting these printers to a Windows 7 computer connected to the Internet, the Inbox printer driver from Windows Update will be installed.
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