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CMS-XML Using the wireless controller WL-D85 Optura 600
Inserting the Battery The wireless controller operates with ...
PDF Troubleshooting
... some space or replace the card. ... between the compact power adapter and the power ... ... display of desired assistance function is enabled ... ... of the desired assistance function is enabled ... ... of the desired assistance function is enabled ... • Are the access point ( wireless router), camcorder, computer or other network devices all turned on?
If the card already has ten camera settings files, you can either overwrite an existing file, replace the card, or save to another card. ... AF- assist beam k k k k k k ... Wireless Controller LC-5 ... �Connect the DC Coupler’s plug to the AC adapter’s DC terminal. ... Replacing the Date/Time Battery
CMS-XML EOS R3: Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting Guide The charger's lamp blinks at ... ... , unplug the charger's power plug from ... The charger's lamp does not ... ... attached to the charger is high, the charger will not charge ... ... with the USB power adapter (sold separately ... ... with the USB power adapter . ... with the USB power adapter . ... unplugging the USB power adapter and plugging it ... ... is poor, replace the battery with ... Using the wireless communication functions ... is full, replace the card or ... ... you are using Wireless Remote Control BR ... ... Connecting to a Wireless Remote Control Problems with wireless features With a Wi-Fi
CMS-XML Using the wireless controller WL-D82 ZR85 and ZR90
Contents Replacing Existing Scenes ( ...
CMS-XML How to use the wireless remote control with the PowerShot G6
Playback The operable range of the wireless controller will shorten under the following circumstances. ... When the wireless controller is used at an angle to the remote sensor. ... You should set [ Wireless Delay] in the Rec.
CMS-XML Using the optional wireless remote with the PowerShot S1 IS
Shooting/Playback The wireless controller can be ... The wireless controller can be operated from an approximate distance of up to 5 m (16.4 ft.) from the front remote sensor. ...
CMS-XML Procedure for using the wireless controller WL-DC300 with the PowerShot SX1 IS.
Using the Wireless Controller Install the battery (CR2025) into the Wireless Controller WL-DC300 before use. ... Seek medical assistance immediately if a child swallows a battery since corrosive battery fluids could damage the stomach or intestinal wall. ... Then replace the battery holder into the wireless controller. ... You can use the wireless controler for shooting and playback.
CMS-XML Setting up the wireless printer after changing routers, router settings or networks (Windows)
Perform the following procedure to uninstall the MP drivers: If you need help in the future, go to our ... Then, click on the Wireless Help