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CMS-XML Inkjet Printer and Scanner Models Compatible with Windows 10 S
... 110 iP270 x iP2820 iP ... ... 2420 MG252 x MG292 x MG302 x MG312 x MG322 x MG352 x MG3620 MG ... 5320 MG542 x MG552 x MG562 x MG572 x MG6120 MG ... 6620 MG682 x MG7120 MG ... ... 420 MX43 X MX45 X MX47 X MX49 X MX512 MX ... ... 150 TR452 x TR472 x TR7020 TR ... ... 702 TS312 x TS332 x TS352 x TS5020 TS822 x TS832 x TS952 x FAX
CMS-XML PIXMA / MAXIFY Products: Windows 10 / Windows 11 on ARM-Based Computers
FAX ... 5020 GX602 x GX702 x ... 2270 G320 x G326 x G3270 G ... ... 110 iP270 x iP2820 iP ... ... 2420 MG252 X MG292 x MG302 x MG312 x MG322 x MG352 x MG3620 MG ... 5320 MG542 x MG552 x MG5620 MG572 x MG6220 MG ... 6620 MG682 x MG7120 MG ... ... 420 MX43 x MX45 x MX47 x MX49 x MX512 MX ...
CMS-XML Comparison of the PosterArtist versions
x x Design Check x x Design Assist x x Quick Change x
CMS-XML Find Canon models compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Learn which Canon printers, scanners, and faxes are compatible with Macintosh OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).
CMS-XML What is the On-hook setting and how do I access it?
Start buttons when using the Fax mode to have the printer pick up the phone line. If you wish to manually receive or send faxes , this setting should be enabled.
CMS-XML Where is the serial number on my L190 fax machine?
CMS-XML Is there any fax software for the PIXMA MG3620?
The PIXMA MG3620 is not a model that supports faxing . This model can't be connected to a phone line, so it can't be used as a fax from your PC or Mac.
CMS-XML Where can I get help with the Colorbyte R.E.D. software that I am using with my imagePROGRAF printer?
For any questions or assistance with Colorbyte R.E.D software, please contact Colorbyte directly. Here is their warranty/contact information:
CMS-XML Get Excited with ImagePROGRAF [Video]
With the help of our sales partners, Canon imagePROGRAF Large Format printers continue to grow the market place. See why our partners are getting excited for imagePROGRAF!
CMS-XML Canon Two Minute Tips: Print Studio Intro [Video]
Two Minute tips will help to answer frequently asked questions about Pro photography and printing. Although not mentioned in the video Print Studio Pro also works with the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000.
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