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CMS-XML How to Print using the imagePROGRAF Free Layout Tool [Video]
Learn how to compile multiple images on to one page to help conserve media. [Here] If you are having trouble viewing the video please click
CMS-XML How to setup Scan to Email using Gmail (imagePROGRAF MFP Z36 Scanner)
To help keep Google accounts secure, Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices that sign in to a Google Account using your username and password. This only affects customers who Scan to Email using a Gmail account.
CMS-XML How to access scanned files on the System Controller - Z36
Alternatively, the default Scan folder can be changed: See SmartWorks MFP Help . To another SMB shared folder on the network. SmarkWorks MFP User Accounts enables the ability to set a network scan folder using Server (SMB), FTP or FTP (SSL).
CMS-XML What is PosterArtist Online?
This online version incorporates a new user interface (UI) and user experience (UE) to help meet the printing demands of all skill levels. There are two main paths at the top of the page to start the poster-creation process. The
CMS-XML Comparison of the PosterArtist versions
x x Design Check x x Design Assist x x Quick Change x