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CMS-XML Error Codes (EOS 80D)
IMPORTANT If the error still persists, write down the error number and contact your nearest Canon Service Center. CAUTION
CMS-XML Manual Sensor Cleaning (EOS 80D)
The image sensor is extremely delicate. If the sensor needs to be cleaned directly, having it done by a Canon Service Center is recommended.
CMS-XML Can RAW images be processed, edited, or printed? (EOS 80D)
* Please make sure to install the latest version of the Digital Photo Professional software before processing or editing images. (The latest version of the software can be downloaded from the Canon homepage.)
CMS-XML I Want to Save Images to My Computer (EOS 80D)
1. Using a Card Reader or a Card Slot on a Computer to Download Images Use a card reader to save images or movies on a memory card to a computer without Canon software or a cable.
CMS-XML Why Connect via Wireless LAN (the Wi-Fi Function)? (EOS 80D)
Transfer images between cameras Wirelessly connect this camera and other Canon cameras with built-in wireless functions and transfer images between them. Save images to Connect Station
CMS-XML The focus indicator in the viewfinder does not light up (EOS 80D)
If you are too close to the subject (closer than the lens's minimum focusing distance), the camera might not be able to focus. Move further away from the subject and shoot. For details on values for minimum focusing distance, refer to lens specifications on the Canon Web site and in accessory instruction manuals.
CMS-XML AF (Autofocus) does not operate (EOS 80D)
When cleaning the lens contact, be careful to avoid scratching the lens surface. If the contact area is particularly dirty, contact a Canon customer service center for assistance. Attach the lens securely.
CMS-XML What causes black spots to appear in the same places in images taken and how can I get rid of them? (EOS 80D)
IMPORTANT If the dirt or dust cannot be removed by the means above, please consult a Canon repair center. Removing dust from images using the software that came with your camera
CMS-XML The camera cannot be connected with a computer / The computer does not recognize the camera (EOS 80D)
When using a camera or computer that differs from the model used initially, please download the supported version of EOS Utility. Versions of the EOS Utility Updater for a variety of cameras/operating systems can be downloaded from the Canon homepage.
CMS-XML Charging the Battery and POWER Lamp Status (EOS 80D)
CAUTION Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories.
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