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CMS-XML Load Letter size paper into the Rear Tray (Automatic Sheet Feeder)
CMS-XML Loading Paper - MG6220
The machine has two paper sources to feed paper; Cassette and Rear Tray . You can load paper in either one of the paper sources, depending on the page size and media type of paper.
CMS-XML Switching the Paper Source (Windows) MG6220
In this machine, there are two paper sources, a rear tray and a cassette. You can facilitate printing by selecting a paper source setting that matches your print conditions or purpose.
CMS-XML Removing paper jams - MG6220
Click any of the following topics for instructions for removing the jammed paper. Remove paper jammed in the Paper Output Slot or the Rear Tray Remove paper jammed inside the machine Remove paper jammed inside at the Transport Unit
CMS-XML Printing an envelope (Windows) - MG5320 / MG6220 / MG8220
Printing an Envelope Fold down the envelope flap. Orient the envelope so that the address side is on top and the flap is on the left, and then load the envelope vertically in the rear tray . printer driver setup
CMS-XML Changing the Plain paper feed setting - MG6220
A4, Letter, A5, and B5 paper can be loaded in the cassette. Load the other sizes of paper on the rear tray .
CMS-XML Copying a two-sided (or two sides) document (MG6220)
To copy a two-sided document (or, to copy a single two-sided document) onto one sheet of paper, you will need to reload the document and the paper to copy the second document on the back of the first printed copy. You can load letter-size plain paper in the cassette Or, you can load letter-size plain paper in the rear tray . If you do load plain paper in the rear tray, click here to change Plain paper feed settings to Rear tray.
CMS-XML Printing from a Computer - MG6220
6. Select the paper source. Select Automatically Select, Rear Tray , Cassette, Continuous Autofeed, or Paper Allocation that matches your purpose for Paper Source. important:
CMS-XML Aligning the Print Head - MG6220
Automatic Print Head Alignment Make sure that the power is turned on. Load a sheet of supplied paper or A4 or Letter-sized Matte Photo Paper MP-101 in the rear tray . Load the paper with the print side (whiter side) facing you in the rear tray.
CMS-XML Change the machine settings MG6220
Plain paper feed settings A4, Letter, A5, and B5 paper can be loaded in the Cassette. Load the other sizes of paper on the Rear Tray .
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