If You Cannot Receive a Fax

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If You Cannot Receive a Fax


You cannot receive faxes. Machine does not switch automatically between telephone and fax calls. You cannot receive faxes and an error report is printed.

If you cannot receive faxes, check the following.

Is a Telephone Line Set Correctly?

Make sure the line is connected properly. (See "Connecting the Telephone Line.")

Is the Machine Set to Receive or Switch Telephone and Fax Automatically?

Make sure that the receive mode is set to <Auto>, <Fax/Tel Auto Switch>, <Answering Machine>, or <DRPD>. If you have set <Answering Machine>, confirm that an answering machine is connected to the machine and that it is turned on with an outgoing message properly recorded. (See " Receiving Faxes .")

Free space in memory may be running low.

  • If <Memory Lock Settings> in <Communication Management Settings> in <System Management Settings> of the setting menu is set to <On>, follow the procedures below to output the documents in memory.
<Menu> <System Management Settings> <Communication Management Settings> <Memory Lock Settings> <Off>

Has an Error Occurred During Reception?

  • Check the display for an error message.

Is Paper Loaded in the Paper Drawer?

Make sure paper is loaded in the paper drawer. (See "Loading Paper in the Paper Drawer.")

Is a Fax Received Using an Optical Fiber Line?

When using an optical fiber line or IP phone line, the machine may not work correctly depending on the connection environment or connected devices. In such a case, contact the provider of the optical fiber line or IP phone.



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